Techniques for LED Backlighting

It is very interesting to know that there are various kinds of LCD TV and an example of which is an LCD TV that is LED-backlit. In this case, the backlighting is composed of LED instead of the more common fluorescent lights which are utilized in other LCD TVs.

Techniques for LED Backlighting

There are two forms of LEDs, there is what is called as the white Edge-LED wherein it is situated approximately on the screen’s rim, that makes use of a special kind of panel so that the light would be spread evenly on the back of the screen, and the second form is called a Dynamic RGB LED that is located at the back of the panel.

More about RGB Dynamic LEDs

By doing this kind of backlighting, it makes it possible to dim certain areas which allows it to emit much darkness which can be seen from the screen. Through this, you get to see even more blacks and in terms of the contrast ratio, it becomes higher and much more dynamic.

RGB Dynamic LED











Going into the detail about an Edge-LED

By doing this kind of backlighting, it becomes possible for you to make the TV that is LED-backlit to become thinner. This means that the light becomes diffused to the area of the screen by means of the panel that is able to produce a standardized kind of color range.

It is good to know that there is now a kind of technology for LED backlighting, which was introduced by Sharp, wherein it is able to align the LED at the back, similar to the first method mentioned.

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